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Hello from Moder Dy!

We are very, very, excited by our new, and innovative company. Our mission is to engage with people to protect, preserve, and bring to life Shetland's fast eroding maritime heritage. We are research driven specialists in the field of Shetland maritime history, archaeology, and boatbuilding. Through our soon to be launched research programmes, workshops, and events we aim to make the task of better understanding Shetland's maritime history and culture engaging and fun! So, please, come and join our community, and subscribe to the quarterly News Letter.

At this point I was hoping to have a great photo of me, Esther and Lauren, jumping up and down with joy and excitement; alas, this is not to be just now. We are all very busy people, Esther, who has a bad cold, is attending the Vikings in Scotland Conference in Glasgow this week, and Lauren, hopefully cold-free, is also South. This just leaves me, Marc, and I think a happy looking selfie just won't cut-it with you, our lovely readers. So, instead I give you a great boatbuilding picture.

Fourareen being built by Tommy Isbister in 2016.

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