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Moder dy, a dialect phrase meaning mother wave, was the term used to describe the underlying swell of the sea which experienced haaf-men (small open boat deep sea fishermen of the mid 19th century) could detect and used to guide them to land.

As a consequence of the current COVID-19 pandemic we have suspended all face to face community activity.


However, we are excited to invite you to take part in our new, online, community project ...







Our Aims

Shetland's coastal archaeology is being lost to rising sea levels and increasing storm events. This tangilble loss is compounded by the disappearance of local maritime heritage knowledge and traditional boat craft skills. Moder Dy has been formed to:


  • Use Shetland’s coastal archaeology to raise awareness of  climate change and associated environmental issues.


  • Bring to life Shetland's everyday maritime heritage by providing community research programmes, workshops, and events.


  • Work with our partners to record and interpret Shetland’s at risk coastal archaeology.


  • Support the continuation of traditional Shetland boat building and boat handling skills.


Making a Difference

We are delighted to be able to offer you engaging, not-for-profit maritime heritage workshops and events. These workshops help us to fund our maritime heritage schools and community outreach programmes!

Our shop is now open, so please come and browse.

We embrace interdisciplinary working, and collaboration with artists. 

Reports, presentations, and papers. View abstracts for free, full documents will shortly be available in exchange for a small contribution to our funds.

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