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Moder dy, a Shetland dialect phrase meaning mother wave, an underlying swell of the sea, which 19th century small open boat fishermen used to guide them to land.

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Coastal archaeological survey

What we provide


With our local community we provide coastal archaeology and maritime research projects. We also provide zoom and face to face talks about Shetland’s coastal archaeology and maritime history. We are a not for profit organisation and our local community engagement work is provided for free. This means that we are reliant upon funding support and we are constantly fundraising to ensure that we can continue to undertake innovative community coastal and maritime heritage research projects.


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Our social purpose

Through investigating Shetland’s coastal archaeology and maritime heritage we will support individual’s and their community to become more buoyant enabling them to flourish.

We measure how our projects benefit the community by using the social outcomes listed below. The impact of these outcomes are evaluated by participants answering the questions shown in brackets:

1. Communities become more resilient through the investigation and promotion of their local coastal and maritime heritage. (Do you think the project has helped you feel more connected with your local community?)

2. People from hard to reach and marginalised sections of society are encouraged and supported to take part in projects. (Was there a representative cross-section of your community who took part in the project?)

3. An improved quality of life through access to coastal archaeology and maritime heritage research. (Did you enjoy the experience and would you take part again?)

4. Mental and physical health are improved through taking part in the project. (Did taking part make you feel happier and were you more active?)

5. Improved opportunities through the development of transferrable skills. (What new skills did you learn?)

6. Participation in the project improved participant’s self-confidence. (Do you feel more self-confident than before you took part in the project?)



Collaborative Projects


Where possible we partner with other community organisations in order to broaden project expertise, and engage with as wide a cross-section of our local community as possible. We are particularly keen to support and involve groups and individuals who would not normally engage in coastal archaeology and maritime heritage projects.

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