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Completed Art Commission 2022

Christina Inkster is a local Artist and Community Social Care/Support Worker. Born and raised in Shetland, she studied Fine Art at the University of Dundee and returned home with her bit of paper to continue her creative practice. Inkster has seven years experience of co-creating with communities locally, nationally and internationally. She has worked with: Shetland Arts, Creative Scotland, Museums Galleries Scotland and The Scottish Government, over a variety of community based co-creative projects, and has exhibited in: Shetland, Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. 

Christina Inkster has a natural passion for supporting others and enjoys seeing the world, life and living through the eyes and minds of others: and this is what she tries to capture through her work. 

Cladaichean to laebraks

Moder Dy CIC has teamed up with MSDS Marine (Scotland) along with other archaeologists, archivists and local history societies in Shetland and Skye to deliver an innovative Scottish islands community maritime and coastal heritage project. To reflect this Scottish inter-island theme we have called our project Cladaichean to Laebraks, which means shore to surf breaks in Gaelic and Shaetlan. 

How this project is funded

Our project is part of Historic England and Historic Environment Scotland's research pilot called the Outreach to Ownership Programme funded by a grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). MSDS Marine (Scotland) and Moder Dy are one of five UK wide projects being hosted under this Outreach to Ownership programme.

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