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The Full Story

Our Work

Moder Dy was founded by maritime ethnographer, Dr Marc Chivers and archaeologist, Dr Esther Renwick in November 2018. We work to increase awareness of Shetland's eroding coastal maritime heritage by developing and providing co-created community research projects.


We believe it is vitally important to work with our local communities to identify and record Shetland's eroding coastal archaeology so that a more complete narrative of an almost forgotten, boat dependant, way of life, can be constructed.   


Communities should have the opportunity, be supported, and actively engaged to discover and record their own heritage. Through these projects we believe communities can become more resilient through the discovery of the narratives of the past.

Our community projects are provided free of charge. This means that we are reliant upon funding support and donations to ensure that our work can continue. So, if you would like to show your appreciation and give Moder Dy a little boost, then please click the buy me a coffee button.


Also, why not join our mailing list and stay-up to date with our latest news and forthcoming events.


Our Social Purpose

Shetland has a powerful story of strong connected seaward-facing communities. Through sharing these stories and encouraging hands-on participation in active research we believe we can build confidence and resilience in both communities and individuals.

  • We believe that heritage should be accessible by all and we work to identify and remove these barriers to heritage engagement and participation. 


  • We believe that fresh air, good company, and interesting projects are powerful tools for well-being. 


  • Through our projects, we aim to empower individuals by supporting them to learn new, transferable, skills which in turn helps to build confidence and improves self-esteem.



Climate Heritage Network

As a member of the Climate Heritage Network we have pledged to bring the power of arts, culture and heritage to climate action.

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